Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visiting Samoa

Visiting Samoa

Walking in the huge Plane called Virgin Samoa with my school bag to carry with us I was so EXCITED!!! because I will be seeing my cousins that I haven't seen in a long time.. Looking towards the other exit on the other side all you can see is layers of chaires. As soon as I sat down I thought I was sitting away from my Parents but I was sitting with them.

Before the plane was about to go in the air three ladies showed us where was the life jackets and how to use them they also told us to read the manual right in front of you. So I grabbed it and started reading it, After looking at it it was time to go to Samoa. We are going to Samoa because my Grandpa Lemafa Mamoe past away. On the plane heaps on members on my dad’s side came on the same plane as us, that was pretty cool.

When we were in the air looking down we can see heaps of houses and it was a beautiful view. when we heard” we are arriving to Samoa in 4 hours and 15 minutes ” the captain said. So I fell asleep while my parents were listening to music. A few hours later I was time to eat they gave us taco with ham,lettuce,cheese,and bacon YUMMY!!!.

When we arrived to Samoa I was happy because we had a safe flight from New Zealand to Samoa ccchhee hooo. Walking down the steps it was getting really hot  we arrived at 10.30 pm wow that was a long trip. After getting our bags checked I saw my auntie Vanila with her 2 kids Leauina and Taufau I also saw my 3 cousins Shireen,Eneli and Barcelona I was so happy to see them so Eneli gave me a big hug.

When we arrived at Sataoa my dad’s village I quickly opened the door and ran towards my cousin Kisa Mamoe. After that Me,Kisa,Jvette and Tianna were playing Samoan knucklebone Ake.

After 2 days I was the service day for my Grandpa Lemafa Mamoe. We went on a Samoan bus to go to the Service and their we will see Grandpa. When I saw him I was crying when I touched my head it was cold and hard. After the Rev of the church done his speech it was time to go back to the church with Grandpa.

When we arrived in the church we were all crying while walking even the great Grandchildren as soon as we sat down it was hard to let it go. After that it was time to go back home to do the si’i with the ie Tonga which took hours. After everything was finished we finally got sleep.

On the next day it was the day when  Grandpa gets buried. He gets buried next to Grandma Taupo Mamoe. When we arrived at the church all the Sons and daughters did their speeches about Grandpa. After the whole thing finished it was time for him to get buried. I wish if I went but I was not allowed because it was raining.

Grandpa manuia lou malaga Hope you have a safe trip to Heaven and as always your heart will be in our hearts <3


  1. Hi Raeleen,

    It was nice reading about your trip to Samoa and your Grandpa's funeral. You still need to work on proof reading and editing your writing so ask your teacher for some help. Otherwise, I really enjoyed reading your 'Visiting Samoa' blog post.

    Keep it up!

  2. Very entertaining reading Raeleen. Your story telling is definitely improving but yes, you must take more care with your proof reading and editing.


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