Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What happened in my life

“ Announcing who came a place in New Zealand was awesome”. When they called my name I was filled with joy because I came  2nd in New Zealand with 98 marks. I was also happy because it was my highest marks that I got and it was my first time coming a place in New Zealand.

After the rev finished announcing who came a place in NZ my family came up to me they said” Good Girl Raeleen” and gave me a big hug. Later on that day heaps of family members gave me money on behalf of their congratulation to me. I was so so so Happy because I couldn't say a word.

Arriving at the most beautiful pace which was my house I said to my mum with excitement” When is the Prize giving? and where is it held”. So my mum replied” It is on this Saturday and it is held in Avondale P.I.P.C.

After waiting for 5 straight days it was time for prize giving, So I dressed up my nicest and hopped in the car waiting for my family to enter the car so we can go to Avondale. When we arrived to Avondale P.I.P.C it took 20 or 30 minutes to get their.

When they called my name I walked up the steps and heaps of my family members and church members gave me loads of lollies necklace and lei they even gave me an envelope. When I sat down with my friend who also got 2nd in New Zealand for grade 2 we opened our envelope and it had 85 dollars.

When the Prize giving finished we went back home and we had a big feed. We had KFC and Chinese food. That was one of the best days that had happened to me.

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