Monday, October 21, 2013

What I want to be in the Future :-)

If I had an opportunity to pick what I will be in the future It will be:

Own my company:
I picked this because I really like cars, When I own my own company I will sell flash as cars.
My cars will be Holden,Ford,BMW and Mini. And I will like to be the boss of the company.

I like travelling places because it is fun when you go somewhere you have never been before.My favourite Island I have been to is Samoa,Fiji and Rarotonga.

I like cooking because I like to make heaps of food and I love eating. When I started cooking with my aunty Lama, and showed me how to cook cupcakes and it was yummy so I want to cook heaps of food for other people.

I like acting because I like being on short movie film and I also like talking to other people and sometimes I talk to my self.

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