Monday, November 4, 2013

Labour Party


Did you know The Labour Party has announced it is adopting a new rule at least 45% of their MP’s Women after the next election and 50% by the 2017 election?.

The Labour Leader David Cunliffe says it won’t be very hard for labour to reach its newly adopted target.

Other announcements at the labour conference some of them wants to build 10,000 new homes in Canterbury.

Women In Parliament

There are 39 women in the Parliament or 32.5 per cent. Labour had 13 women out of 33 MP’s or 39.39 per cent 41 Per cent if it’s women candidate wins Christ Church East. National has 15 out of 59 . The Greens have 8 out of 14 MP’s or 57.14 Per Cent.

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