Friday, November 22, 2013

My writing story! :-)

It was a breezy cold night when 3 boys Jake, Leon and Tom all went Trick or Treating, their bags were full with delicious and Yummy Candy and Chocolate Mmm!!!. When it was about to hit nine o’clock they went to a street that was completely silent the boys were getting scared, walking slowly and cuddling to stick together “Guys where are we?” Leon said in a frightened voice to the boys” I have no idea” Tom whispered to Leon.

As they were walking slowly past the spooky houses there was one house that the boys were completely scared of it was 42A Hosea ave. As they heard the Door squeaking, the window opening and shutting. “AHHhhh” Tom and Leon screamed in fear and slowly ran away “But wait, what about Jack” Tom and Leon said, so the tip toed their way to Jake and quickly grabbed him but Jack said” Noo we came to get candy or lollies so lets get it”. “But let’s just go we have heaps already” said Leon “ Noo I won’t leave until I get my Last one said Jack in a Strong voice.

As soon as Jack entered the Horror house he heard someone whispering “Shhh stop whispering” Jack said to Leon and Tom “ No we weren't whispering” Replied Leon who was filled with Terror. Bamm!!!! the door shut so did the windows “ahhh Tom what is going on” cried Jack”. “I’m not sure”.  

“Whoooo whoooo” the mysterious whisper said “Did you guys hear that” Tom whooped “Yes we did, Yes we did” Jake and Leon gushed. The boys walked up the steps and went inside a room that had Broken glass, Broken Beds and a chimney “Whoooo whoooo” there it goes again. “Ahhhh guys said Leon while looking at the side of the chimney when blood was rushing it’s way down. Bammmm!!! the Room door slammed tom went running at tried to open the door but I won’t open. Then a few seconds later smoke started to come out of the chimney, Big stomping from the living room. The boys started to get scared but Tom went closer to the Blood running down first he smelt it, Then touched it and he said” Wait!! This ain’t real blood it’s just jelly”. “But who lived here? and why would they use jelly as blood said Leon. “ Ohh!! I remember they are doing the same thing on that movie that we watched on Tuesday” said Tom “Ohh yeah it was called umm ummm Horror for you Mwahahaha!!”. “ But remember what happened at the end they boy went and looked through the chimney then he saw who was whispering” said Leon “So Jack why don’t you look through the chimney and see who is whispering” whispered Leon. Slowly Tom went towards that chimney and looked inside and “Trick or Treat” “Ahhhhhh” Tom screamed like a girl “O hey boys Mrs Miller said to Leon,Tom and Jake”. “ So it was you who was doing the whispering said Jake” Yes indeed” replied Mrs Miller. Then the boys finally got their candies the end.

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