Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Christmas & Holiday story.

YAY! school is nearly finished and what should I do in the Holidays?. Well we all know Christmas is coming up and we all get presents. So what shell I bye for my Family. The thing I like about the Holiday is that you can wake up anytime you want.

Christmas is a specil day for everyone because it is Jesus Birthday. some of our families Start opening the presents at Midnight. Then after Christmas it is New Year. When my families go to Church there is always a Christmas service and all the kids do it and it is so cool. And during the Holidays you get to see a Christmas Parade like at Papatoetoe or Pamure and More places. Christmas is my favourite Holiday and I like to have lots of presents.

Leaving school is a sad thing because you might not see your friends during the Holidays. The exciting thing about the Holidays is that you dont need to hear your teacher yelling at you. In the Holidays you can sleep late and do anything you want.

The thing I miss about school is my Friends and my teacher. Every school day My teacher Mr S who is my first male teacher. He is one of the best teachers that I ever had. On the first day of school I thought he would be a boring teacher but I was wrong. On the last day of every term we would watch a movie and eat Pop Corn. And after that he would give loads of prizes. My friends are so good that when I get angry they wil help me out.

Cant wait to see what I get for Christmas.

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