Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Having Netbook is 1 of the most special things you ever had, and it is way better than writing with a pencil on a paper. Our netbook has some amazing stuff on it. We all have a site called Google Docs, it is for your writing or
planning, you can do presentation’s on there aswell.  This year I had some challenging days with my netbook, my first challenging was when I dropped my Netbook on the ground and I got so scared that I thought it was broken. I really like to take my Netbook home so I can do Extra Work and I really think a netbook would help you learn better.

If you ever get stuck on a question you can search it up on your netbook. Or you can go on a site called it will tell you the answer. Taking good care of your Netbook is not that easy because if you have a little siblings they can easily break it so if I was you I would hide it where the wont find it. The thing I like about my Google docs is that you can write anything and you can post it on your Blog, if you visit anyones blog you can learn from there by reading what they have written.

The thing I really want to change is our internet because sometimes it takes for long to load. I also want to have a Microphone because you can just talk instead of writing when you chat to your friends or Families online. The thing I feel bored is when you turn on your netbook it is so long. The most thing i am worried about is that your Netbook can get easily broken and the Hinges are too weak.
If I was the creator of the netbooks I would make the screen bigger and make the internet load quicker. If I had 2 options between Asus or Windows 8 I would choose Asus because when when you have windows 8 you can't change it but if you have Asus you can change the background whatever you want.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Burt for buying our netbooks. Next year I can't wait to see if were are going to have new Netbooks.

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  1. Hi Raeleen,
    I really like your story about your Netbook Reflection 2012 it is so wonderful how you go love your netbook so much. ant wait to see your next post.


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