Monday, December 17, 2012

Sad day.

On Sunday me and my family went to the airport to say Good bye to 1 of my best friend paris and Faith . Because My auntie and her kids were going to Samoa.And my friends Paris and Faith were going to live at Australia with their Mum and Dad. When Paris and Faith left Paris was crying so much because she was going to leave her family they are coming back when Faith goes to College. When it was time for my auntie to leave with  her daughter Taufau, Taufau was crying for me and my cousins it was so sad. When it was time to go I felt sad, so when they left I was crying with my cousin Tamirah. I was lonely so I just went to watch TV so that can make me feel not lonely.

After Church they rang us and they said”thank you” then I told her to give the phone to Taufau and she was crying on the phone she “said sau fea manao au ua leen” that means she wanted me to go to Samoa to see her but I said” I cant I am in New Zealand and you are in Samoa”. When I saw lots of photo of her on  my cousin phone it bring me back memory that me and her had done for the past 2 weeks. I was going to cry but I was crying a little.

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