Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stormy day.

As I walked along the Beach with my friends I heard a roaring noise from the waves crashing onto the shore. As we stepped on the sand we all saw a Shiny Shell. Then I said lets make a sand castle as I found a bucket lying on the sand I shoved the sand in the bucket as I was putting the sand in the bucket I got nipped by a crab OUCH!. and it started bleeding. As we were making the Sand Castle the clouds became gey creating a big Storm. As I quickly rushed to find some shiny shells. As I rushed I saw 2 or 3 shiny shells, then I ran back to them and we started decorating, After that we finished making our Sand Castle and we were all happy.

As the clouds got darker and darker I said to my Friends” we should go Home now incase our parents get worried.

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  1. hahahaha fun and scary story!

    watch your capital letters & spelling Leen :-)


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