Monday, April 15, 2013

My reflection

Recently I haven't been doing my work properly but this Thursday Is our last day of this term. So in Term 2 I can do better in my work and do it properly.

My Highlight for this term would have to be Teach and P.E. The reason why I choose Teach was because we can learn how to Cook,Draw and many more staff. When our class does P.E after morning tea I am always happy to play. My favourite P.E activity is Dough-ball.

In class I like to play music but the thing I don't like is when I get in trouble from my teacher. I also don't like walking to Tamaki and back. I also don't like it when the BOYS think that they are all that and when I am with my friends they tease me and I HATE it.

I am not that organized, I have managed my time to do my work properly, I have done my work but I need to remember to do it properly, I definitely need to do better in my work, I have been doing a great job when I work with others, My goal is to improve in my work, I love to listen to others because I may or not know how to add interesting vocabulary in my writing.

I am looking forward for P.E and Teach next term and my goal is to do well in my work and get high marks in my test.

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  1. Its great to read that you are able to see where you can make improvements in terms of being better at school and with your school work Raeleen. I hope you have started working on these things :)


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