Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day things started to disapear

There is a boy named  Tom who was walking along the Footpath with his best friend Ben around 4.30 Pm on a Wednesday afternoon. As they we walking  they saw this mysterious house with no letterbox. So Ben said to Tom” Hey we should go inside  and check this place out” Ben replied” No you go and I will stay right here. As Tom was walking towards the house there were these Older girls who came past and said to Tom” don't go in there it is haunted then Ben started Screaming as loud as he could. Then the girls laughed and said” there is no such thing as a haunted house”. As Tom got closer he walked up the step and open the door.

As the door open he saw a furniture and he crept into the house and suddenly the door slammed shut and Tom was scared because there is no light and Ben continued walking as he went to fell the furniture so he could rest and when he got closer, and closer the furniture he saw the stair and crawled towards the the stairs.

When Tom was walking up the steps Ben who is waiting outside decided to go back home. Tom heard a squeaking noise but he did not know what it was.  Then he realised that something is going on as he was walking He felt a bed and started lying on it after 5 min of resting suddenly the bed disordered Tom was getting scared so he quickly ran down the steps in the dark and he knew that the furniture was gone so then Tom sprinted as fast a he could and went out of the door and towards the footpath. Then he turned around and the mysterious house was gone and so was Ben. THE END!

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