Friday, August 22, 2014

Raeleen Life Education Writing

Our Life Education Experience

At the Beginning of term 3 class 3 have been experiencing lessons on how drugs and alcohol can affect the system in your human body. We have also been attending lessons in the life education bus how about how drugs and alcohol  can be entered into our bodies. The purpose of the life education bus is to help us educate and believing in ourselves.

Our life education teacher Lynn showed us a film about people picking the wrong choices just to be cool in front of their friends so they helped themselves to take drugs. Jason was one of them who have been taking drugs when he was in college, he took drugs because his inspiration had taken taken drugs as well. As he was grew up he had finally realized that he shouldn't of taken drugs because drugs can lead you to difficult place like appearing up in jail.

If you choose to put drugs in your body the drugs can slow down the messages to your brain and you will respond slow. If the brain has been responding so slow it can cause you to faint or die because the brain is the part that controls the body. Drugs are very powerful because heaps of people can get addicted to them and if you keep on craving for drugs your brain can react to being weak.

Friends and families can get you addicted to drugs so if they offer just say “no” and always protect yourself because you’ll never know what coming up. Drugs and alcohol can be sold anywhere in the world so you have to make the right decision and not pick drugs. Once you’ve taken way too many drugs you can start seeing things that no one else can see.

If you pick drugs you're picking the wrong choice because are bad news. Always have a open mind and ditch the drugs. “Drugs don’t choose people but people choose drugs”. This is a saying that Lynn told us because at the life education bus we have also been seeing some photos about what happens after people decide to take drugs or alcohol and remember drugs can lead you to a difficult place.

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