Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lemony Snickets Ask Eddie Wednesday to Friday


Is there anything you understand in a new way from reading this story?
I understand that Eddie was stressed when Sa’a and other kids kept on asking him what a Powhiri is and you should know what a powhiri is and Eddie can’t be under any pressure because he know more about his culture.
What is something that you understand better after reading this?
I understand that I should know more about my culture.
What is confusing about this story or event?  
That Eddie was Maori and Sa’a was samoan and Sa’a knew what a powhiri is.
Does this book make you think of anything that has happened to you?
Does this story remind you of anything else you have read?


What things would make everyone like this book?
That it is kinda describing you about not knowing your culture.

The author makes you feel as if you were there by….? (Have a look at the way paragraphs on page 6 have been written)
Helping Eddie and his classmates know their culture.

What ideas (or concepts, of feelings) are most interesting to you?
When he know his culture.
Why is this?
Because he was lost about learning his culture and he finally learnt it.
What picture comes to your mind when thinking about Eddie showing Miss Marshall his painting?
That a Marae is a place when you do a powhiri.

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