Monday, March 24, 2014

Malaysian Airlines Flight missing Report

Title: Malaysia Airlines missing

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Writer’s name: raeleen

A Malaysia Airline flight MH370 has mysteriously gone missing. The flight was heading to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. After 2 hours of travelling in the air the plan seems to explode when they were turning to the west. I think some pieces of the plane and some human bodies are in the the deepest part of the ocean. Authorities believes that the pilot changed directions to go a diffrent place and he also turned off the communication system.A man who was working out on the ocean claims to see explosion in the air.

The Malaysian flight had 2 new zealanders along with 237 airline travelers.  Asia teamed up with Perth to find the missing plane. Ever since 8th of March when the plane was missing it was not to be found. I think they should all split up and mark to spot where they have checked if not to be found in the ocean, they should look on some small islands.
Paragraph 3: Next most important point
News reporters say that the weather was fine but how did bits and pieces fall of before the explosion. The pilot and his team are hiding something suspicious and they won’t tell the truth. If they tell a lie about not causing the plane to explode they should go to jail forever for killing 239 passengers one the plan.

Some people around the world are agreeing with the pilot because they trust him. But do they know him really well?. I really hate the pilot and his team because their was children on that plane who wanted to visit Beijing. if I was the judge they should pay heaps and heaps of money and for to jail for life.

Hopefully the plane gets found in a few days because it is a terrifying moment for their loved ones and their families. Sometime in my pray I mentioned the Malaysian airlines a
nd the people who was travelling.

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