Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pickled Thumb Anyone

Looking at the image on the front page, what do you think the story is about?
A Thumb in a Pickled Jar
Referring to the title only, what do you think the story is about?
Someone in her family cut of his or her thumb and put it in a pickle jar.
What was in the jar, what was the liquid in the jar?
A thumb, Pickle Juice.
Why do we pickle things in jars? What is the point of it?
Because a thumb is kinda shaped like pickle. To make the thumb not look old and saggy.
What did the little girl beg for?
She begged him to tell the story of how his Granddad’s thumb had got into the jar.
What did the great grandfather do for a living?
Tell me five facts about a miner, use the story and research your own facts.
They weren't paid much
1.Miners weren't paid much.
2.They dig to find Silver or Gold.
3. Some minor workers work for 5 or 6 hours a day.
4. Minor workers get paid more if one of their thumbs get cut off.
5. Minor Workers carry heavy tools to dig to find some Gold or Gems.
Why was grandad desperate?
He was desperate to get more money to pay the some workers to build a roof for his house.
Summarise what has happened in the story so far.
The girls mum was having special guest for lunch, So she pulled back the cloth that was covering the food and yes there were heaps of food so she quickly ran upstairs to grab her  precious Possession. In it it was her great-great-grandpa's pickled thumb. Her Grandpa gave it to her when he died. When she was little she begged him to tell her the story of how his thumb got into the jar and her mum did not like him telling her the story over again. It happened nearly happened hundreds years ago your great-great-grandpa was working as a miner at Martha gold and silver mine at Waihi, but workers weren't paid much and it was a hard life for him and his family. One day a disaster struck, a fierce wind tore part of our roof off their house. There was no money to fix it, but they needed to keep their house warm and dry. Grandpa has to borrow the money to get the roof repaired, and he had to come up with a way to pay them back. Her was desperate. The miners always worked with a buddy because that was a safety rule so that they could help each other if one of them got into trouble. So Grandpa told his buddy that he had problems with paying the roof, so they came up with a sneaky plan. They decided to stage an accident, the accident had to involved Grandpa’s thumb getting cut off, he only did it because the Martha mine pay money to the workers if the lose a finger. So papa put his thumb on the rail while the cars were ready to roll, on the cars there we heavy as rocks on it. The miners heard him scream as the cars rocketed over his thumb.Twelve bells rang out - the signal for an accident in the mine. So no one found out that it was a plan him and his buddy stayed mated and kept their secret, and now he was able to pay back what he owned. The girl just wanted to say “Pickled thumb anyone”. Her mum suddenly sent her to the room to put it away and spotted a better place, and said “Pickled onion anyone”
Who are the characters in the story that have been introduced to us. Tell me one thing about each character.
The Girl - Like to hear the stories her poppa liked to tell her
Poppa - Gave the girl the jar of her great-great-grandad
Mum - Doesn't like hearing the stories about her Grandpa
great-great-grandad - Took risks and works at Martha Mine.
great-great-grandpa's buddy - help great-great-grandad with everything.

What is a ‘precious possession’? What does the girl refer to as being her most ‘precious possession in the story?
A precious possession is what you love the most and the Girls precious possession was her great-great-grandad’s pickled thumb.
What is your most precious possession?
My netbook, my new shoes, my charm bracelet and jewellery.

Create a family tree, you might like to use a Google Drawing, of all of the characters in the story.

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