Friday, March 7, 2014

Pickled Thumb Anyone

The title of the story is ‘Pickled Thumb, Anyone? Think about the word ‘thumb’ it has a silent ‘b’ find another word in the text with a silent ‘b’.
doubt, numb , bomb.
Why did the miners always work with a buddy?
It was a safety rule
What does the terms “they hatched a secret plan” mean?
They came up with a secret plan.
What does the word “compensation” mean? Put into a sentence
Money, Martha Mines only pay workers compensation if someone loses a finger.

What was the plan they has hatched? Do you agree with this plan they had hatched? Why/why not?
To lose a finger and no I don’t agree with it because it was going to be very painful and disgusting.
‘Deliberately’ - what does this word mean? Use it in a sentence of your own.
Purpose. Great-great-grandpa deliberately got his thumb cut off.
Do you think the plan they hatched was a smart one? Why/ why not? Had the plan gone ahead correctly?
No the plan was not a smart one because it tasked heaps of risks to cut his thumb off.
Danielle’s grandad told her some great stories, why were these stories so meaningful to Danielle?
Because she really like to hear stories about her great-great-grandpa and his thumb was her precious possession.

Looking at the image on pages 4, what are the working conditions of the mines? Describe them.
The workers are really dirty and dusty from digging. They wear tied up sleeves.Some workers have a break while other workers work.

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