Monday, June 16, 2014

Raeleen Social Scenario

Hunting through my wardrobe looking for a suitable costume to wear, frustration appearing in my head. Realizing that I might not go to the year 7 & 8 social made me feel miserable  and a bit angry, after a while of messing up my room with clothes all over the floor I still didn’t manage to find any costume. Later that night I saw a tiger stripe hanging out, so I just remembered that I had a tiger onesie. So I placed it on myself and I decided to go a tiger. Clearly I knew I was going to the social so I turned my frown upside down. When I arrived to school I payed my entry fee at the door and rushed with enthusiasm towards the hall. While I was gazing through the huge crowd packed with year 7 & 8’s I spotted my friends Taeshell and Cheyanne, Taeshell came is a Tiger like me & Cheyanne came as Winnie the pooh. When I was looking at the decorations it was amazing with the balloons & ribbons. I was extremely excited because I had a really fun time but most of all I got to party with my friends.  

Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 10.44.34 AM.pngScreenshot 2014-06-16 at 10.44.05 AM.pngScreenshot 2014-06-16 at 10.43.38 AM.png

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