Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Raeleen Off to Gambia to meet Malong

Where is Gambia and Panjew and Brikama, find a detailed map of Africa and label Gambia and the village, Panjem and Brikama.
Screenshot 2014-06-10 at 2.34.15 PM.png

For what reason to people sponsor children?
People sponsor children because that is what they decide to do. It’s also a project that a lot of people worry about, and one of the reasons why they sponsor a child is because they could have a better education and a better life.
Sponsoring a child is thought to be compared to a project, what is a project?
Put this word into a sentence of your own.

A project is an enterprise that is planned to achieve something.
How does Tim know that many families in Africa could not afford to send their children to school?Because in South Africa, in Gambia a variety of people find it really hard to afforde money to send their children to school.

How did the author find his way to Panjem?
He was following directions and he has been looking for panjim but it was to hard for him so he went down a hidden alley in the town of Brikama and travelled through heaps of places and he managed to find pinjam.
For what reason would it have been extremely difficult to find this town?
Because it is kind of a remote place that there is not many people around and also it is hard to use a map when its an african language because there is no wifi in Africa so by reading the text it is extremely hard.
Why did Andrew find it difficult to communicate with the villagers?
Because some of the people their doesn't understand english, and the feeling he might get would be awkward.
What language do the people of Gambia speak?
English, Wolof, Seren-Sine, Sarahole, Pulaar, Maninkakan, Mandingo, English and Jola - Fonyi.
Research and find out how you say the following words and phrases.
Hello - Na nga def
How are you? - Jaam nga am
Goodbye - Ba Deenem
Yes/No - Wau
Thank you - Jai -  rruh - jef

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