Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raeleen Born in the year of the Rabbit by Peter Mirams

Locate a detailed map of China, locate the following cities. Shengzhou, Beijing and Shaghai.
Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.26.44 AM.png Yangtsze River
Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.26.01 AM.png Yellow River
Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 9.25.34 AM.png Beijing

Locate the yellow river and draw a line on your map, that shows where the river flows.

What is the population of Zhengzhou in comparison to China’s largest city?
Zhengzhou is a medium sized city & about 8m people live near the yellow river.

What are children in China counted as when they are born?
They are counted as one year old when they are born.
What are the animals and what years do they coincide with?
Rat or Mouse - 1996
Ox - 1997
Tiger - 1998
Hare or rabbit - 1999
Dragon - 2000
Snake - 2001
Horse - 2002
Sheep - 2003
Monkey - 2004
Rooster - 2005
Dog - 2006
Pig - 2007
Rot or Mouse - 2008
Ox - 2009
What animal are you? Research and find five facts about the year you were born in and how this coincides with the Chinese calendar?
I am a Horse
1. Horses are able to drink 38 litres of water
2. The horses heart weighs 4,5 kilograms
3. Horses are really fun to side on
4. Horses are well known in TAB
5. Horses are one of the most popular animal in the world.

Why does it state “like most Chinese children, Hua Yan is an only child”?
Do some of your own research to find the answer to this question.
In China families are not allowed to have more than one child because China has a huge population, and this is one way of trying to stop it getting bigger.
Referring to the images on the pages what can we gather about where Hua Yan lives? State five facts.
1. Hua Yang is a busy child because,  he has no siblings so he slightly find it hard doing heaps of thingy himself.
2. Hua Yang hardly hangs out with his friends because he spends heaps of time doing his school & the only time he gets to hang out with his friends is on the weekends.
3. Sometimes in the weekends when he spends time with his friend Zhang Tian his parents takes them both to the yellow river for a picnic.
4. Hua Yang tries his best to do well in school so he can have a good education
5. Hua Yang goes to a primary school with children that are seven years old to twelve years old.
What does the word harvested mean? Put it into a sentence of your own.
Harvested mean picking or collecting something e.g picking out corn from your local supermarket.

Harvested is the time of the year when crops are ripe and its time to gather it.

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