Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jump Shot - Thursday

What are two skills players learn at Hoop Club?
1. Exercises.
2. Ball handling skills.
What is dribbling? Why do all players need to practise it?
Moving while bouncing the ball while continuously.
Who won the first game between  the boys and the girls?
Round one:The boys won 25 - 7
Round two: The boys won 10 - 7
What was the reason that this team won?
Because the boys were kind of better than the girl.
Coach Kenny McFadden gives advice to his players; write this advice down in a list form.
Listen to your coach. Put in time dribbling, passing and learning shooting skills. Eat your Veggies.
What do you think the word ‘substitute’ means?
A player who takes over from another one in the same team during a game.
What is one girls reaction when she finds out that Apiti is playing? Why do you think she has this reaction?
The reason why she was slightly moaning because she knew that Apiti was a great player.

How would Apiti have felt when he scored his first shot?
He went up for a lay up and SCORED!!!
What sorts of things would the assistant coach have said during the break between the games?
To improve on their game and to share the ball with their teammates at all times, and to not be greedy.
Why do you think Apiti does not tell anyone about his aims?
Because Apiti does not want to make his team to know because he’ll know that he is letting them all down, and if he makes the New Zealand team under 16’s He’ll go to Australia.
“Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars “
What do you think this quote means? It means even if you miss you’ll still be a good player.

Create a basketball team of 10 players only.
Your basketball team needs to consist of 10 famous players with different strengths.
You need to justify and state why you have chosen these specific players for your team.
You need to state your teams strengths.
Lastly you need to come up with an original name for your team

Players: Chris Bosh, Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Paul George, Dwight Howard, Steven Adams, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan.

Why I’ve chosen these players: I’ve chosen these players because they are one of my favorite NBA players. But my #1 player is Blake Griffin from L.A Clippers.
Team strength:
Blake Griffin is a good 3 pointer shooter and great at dunking.
Lebron James is one of the best players in Miami Heat he is also a very good shooter.
Chris Bosh is the tallest player in the Miami Heat his position is Centre and he is also a fantastic dunker.
Dwight Howard and James Harden team up to trick one of the good players on the other team. Dwight Howard is a good 3 pointer shooter but he is all right when he dunks.
Paul George is number 24 and played for Indiana Pacers, he is also a good defender.
Steven Adams is a New Zealander and he is the youngest brother of Valerie Adams. Steven Adams is a good steeler and a great blocker.
Tim Duncan is my 2nd favourite player because he has been playing Basketball for over 4 or 5 years, and he has got player of the day many times.  
Team Name:
Miami Heat, L.A Clipper, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

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