Monday, July 28, 2014

Holiday Recount

Waking up, hoping that it wasn’t raining. Opening the curtain and  saw the pouring rain as hard as it splattered on the metal roof of the house  “Oh jeez we’re never going to do anything for the holidays”. While rolling off my bed I just clicked, I just remembered that I have to study for an exam at church. I took a grip of the bible and started studying with enthusiasm. After 10 or 20 minutes I received a phone call and it was my uncle he said” Do you guys want to go to the movies on Thursday” so I screamed with euphoric and I said “ Yes please”. But I had one problem we are going to watch the movies on Thursday but it was Monday. I stole the joy that was in me and threw it away.

After 4 boring days passing by I got up real early and got changed. Knocking on the door and yelling my head off one of my brothers said” What do you want?”. I replied” Hurry up and get change we are going to the movies”. So they both got up and got change. Watching TV while waiting for my uncle to arrive, when we heard his car parking up in the drive way me and my brothers quickly said goodbye to our parents and rushed outside towards my uncle. Hopping in the passenger seat is said” What movie are we going to watch” and he said” We are watching Dawn of the planet apes.

Arriving at movies in Manukau we got our tickets and went in the cinema. I was really excited to watch Dawn of the planet apes because I’ve been dieing to watch that movie and we get to do something in the holidays. After the movie finished I was a sad because I really enjoyed the movie. Dawn of the planet apes is a really emotional movie and it is also a really cool movie.

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