Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raeleen Jump shot

Jump shot by Norman Bilbrough

Profile – The Coach – Kenny McFadden
In your own words give a one sentence answer to each of the following questions.
1. How did Kenny McFadden get into sport when he was young?
His father coached gridiron but he wanted to play any sport. So he started to play Basketball and he love playing it. So he decided to play Basketball for his sport so he could a basketball scholarship to university.
2. When did he start the Hoop Club?
The hoop club started in 1996 by Kenny McFadden. He injured his knee in 1992 and in 1996 he retired and decided to start the hoop club.
3. Is basketball a challenging sport?
Yes because it is a really fast running game and it teaches you how to use your eyes and hands together.
4. What is Kenny’s favourite food?
Ham Burgers and Weetabix for Breakfast.
5. What advice does Kenny have for kids just starting out at basketball?
Listen to your coach. Put in time dribbling, passing and learning shooting skills. Eat your Veggies.
Profile – The Player – ApitiTiHei Maihi
1. In the story, how old and how tall is ApitiTiHei?
13 year 9 Newlands College and 1.8 metres tall.
2. What is his favourite food?
Junk food but only aloud to eat take a ways once a week.
3. What does he like best at school, other than playing basketball?
Homework and cleaning his room, he likes his room tidy and at school he really likes art.

Referring to the text what are the common Basketball Injuries
1. Twisted ankles
2. FIngers can dislocate
3. Knees can swell
4. Some people wear goggles to avoid finger going in their eyes.
Present to Past Tense:  Make the following text past tense by changing the underlined words.
The first game begins with a tip-off between ApitiTiHei and Te Amo, the tallest player in the girl’s team.  The boys obtain possession and proceed the ball quickly up the court.

There are two missed shots before ApitiTiHei undertake a terrific right-handed lay-up and outcome the first goal.

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