Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raeleen It helps to have a hero #2 - Thursday

Do you think it would be difficult to become a professional rugby player, for reason would it be/would it not be?
Yes it would be really difficult to become a professional rugby player because you have to be a really good player and you have to be at training on time.
What do you think it takes to become a professional rugby player?
Speed, skills and the ability to be tough and able to get tackled.
This term we are studying the Commonwealth games, do they play rugby league at the games?
Yes they do play rugby at the games but they call it rugby seven’s.
Are any other variations of rugby played the games?
I’m not really sure.
What do you think an athlete's daily life consists of, you need to do your own research.
Athletes need as many as 70 percent calories to keep them well-built and healthy
What do you think makes an athlete?
Techniques, cleverness,speed and good at your sport.
In life when times get hard it is often easy to give up, everyone has bad days including the top athletes e.g. when they miss a try. How do you think they stay positive?
By feeling calm not angry.

Find five facts about Paul Whatuira:
* He plays for parramatta eels
* He is good role model
*Class 16 finds him as their hero
*  He is a very kind man
* He was good at school
Write a letter to an athlete of your choice just as the students of class 16 did to Paul Whatuira.
You letter needs to try persuade the selected athlete to come to Pt England School.
Dear Valerie Adams,
Hi my name is Raeleen and I am a year 8 student at Pt England School. You are my hero since I was a little girl and I really look up to you. It would be a really huge honor when you come and visit Pt England School.
From Raeleen :-)

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