Thursday, April 3, 2014

Raeleen Consolidation Fraction Work : Math

Miss Clark has a cake that she has to share with seven other people. What fraction of the cake does Miss Clark get to eat?
What is ⅖ of 20?
James has 32 lollies in a bag, he eats ½ of his lollies. How many lollies does James eat?
Michael knows that walking to school takes one hour. Walking to his nanas house only takes ¼ of that time. How long does it take to walk to nanas?
15 minutes
It took me six hours to walk up Mount Tapawai, however only 1/3 of that time to walk back down, how many hours could  have walked down in?
2 hours
What is ¼ of 100?
What is ¾ of 100?
Mum gave me $100 for xmas I spent $¼ of it buying a top for myself. How much was my top?
James got paid $90 a day from work. He spent ½ on his groceries, how much did he spent on his groceries?
What is 5/9 of 45?
What is of 200?
What is 9/12 of 144?


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