Thursday, April 3, 2014

Raeleen Why is the Moon upside Down : Reading Follow Up

After reading the text and the diagrams, what does the information tell us?
That Niko who is living in Japan is seeing something weird about the moon.
Text - What does the text tell us?  Summarise

Ani and Niko known each other since they were in kindergarten, their families lived next to each other and they use to stay at each others houses. When they were growing up they use to camp outside on the deck. Sometimes after school finishes they would always think that they might travel the world. One day Niko’s mum got offered a job in Japan so that meant Niko and Ani will not see each other again. But Ani and Niko will always talk to each other on gmail, Ani was waiting so long for Niko to send a message to him, but Niko finally sent a message about why is the moon upside down?. So Ani said” they will take some pictures of the moon so that they can discover why is Ani seeing the moon upside down. Suddenly their cameras didn’t have very good zooms. So they decided to draw pictures of the moon so they know what's the difference.. So Sam’s dad was a hunter so they wanted to use his binoculars. But the whole thing didn't work well so they waited for the new moon to start. After a few week they set each other their drawings and WOW! they are really good drawers. After comparing the drawing they found out why is the moon upside down?. Because Ani is living in the southern Hemisphere and Niko is living in the Northern Hemisphere. So Ani is seeing the top of the moon and Niko is seeing the bottom of the moon so that is why it was weird to him.

What do the diagrams tell us?

When you are in the northern hemisphere you see the top of the moon, but if you are in the southern hemisphere you see the bottom of the moon. So I think Niko was use to seeing the bottom of the moon so that is why he said it was weird.

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