Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Raeleen Fiafia Writing

Fiafia Whoooo!! Fiafia is one of the entertaining events we get to do in school. If you don't know what fiafia is it is a cultural festival celebrating our cultures in many different ways so it is Slightly like Polyfest and Pasifika. Fiafia is a fun, enjoyable and  it is really good because you get to know more about where you come from but most of all you get to represent your culture.

Hearing the audience chanting fiafia in my head, butterflies approaching my stomach and my palms sweating. Imagining what would happen if I was to make a mistake. Ignoring my friends but trying to concentrate on my dance moves, getting dressed into our beautiful new costumes, going through our dances moves to sharpen it up. Walking pass the EXIT signs heading towards our seats.

Mr Burt and our schools prefectS Tyla - Marie, Isara, Gloria, Kaycee and Whatt hosted Fiafia for 2014. After the Korero about picking up your children is not allowed it was time for the opening act from the Senior Kapa Haka followed by Middle School kapa Haka. After 10 acts just passed by it was time for the Senior Samoan to perform.

Walking past some groups towards the stage, getting goose bumps straight away, my brain was over thinking of what would happen out there, but the one thing I have to remember is to SMILE!!.  When the song started my goose bumps slowly went away, putting a smile on my face and went with the flow. After our performance was finished I was bummed because this was my last year doing Fiafia.

After Fiafia for 2014 was over Gloria ended it up with a karakia in TongaN. Then Mr Burt went over his Korero again and Fiafia was finished. My favourite item would have to my group and Niean. I’m going to miss Fiafia so much because it it one of my favourite events ever.

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