Friday, August 1, 2014

Raeleen Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games is also known as a friendly games which are held every four years, and it also has a position in sporting history.The first Commonwealth games were held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930. At that time the original Commonwealth games had 400 athletes from 11 countries, who took part in 6 sports and 59 events.  Now the commonwealth games are held in Glasgow Scotland with 71 countries competing.

New Zealand was fortunate enough to have an Aucklander take part in the first games.Billy Savidan was the first athlete to win gold in the first Commonwealth games and the six mile run and the Commonwealth games is the third largest multi - sport event in the world, after the olympic games and Asian games.

There are 53 countries who are taking part of the Commonwealth games. The only countries that can qualify in the Commonwealth games are the countries that are supported by the queen. The difference between the Commonwealth games and the Olympics is that the olympics is for the whole world to participate in but the Commonwealth games are for the Commonwealth countries. New Zealand and England was the first country to host the Commonwealth games twice.

In every commonwealth country they select their top athletes to be involved in the Commonwealth games. If was an athlete representing New Zealand I would find it really tough to show sportsmanship because I would really want to win a gold, silver or bronze medal.

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