Friday, August 15, 2014

Volleyball - Commonwealth Countries Games

Volleyball was developed in Massachusetts USA in 1895 by a man called William G Morgan. William G Morgan created volleyball because after Basketball was invented he was certain to create a sport that was a mixture of baseball, basketball, handball and tennis. It took some time for him to give it a name and he pronounced it to be called mintonette. Now mintonette was turned into volleyball.

The target of the game is to hit the ball over the net and once it hits the floor it is a automatic point to your team. If the other team is serving the ball towards you, you have to intercept it from touching the ground. Volleyball is an 6 person sport. in volleyball you have 3 in front and 3 at the back, the first person on your right is the server, the server starts the game and if the server hits the net you rotate clockwise. The ability you need for volleyball is knowing how to hit the ball with your fingertips or four arms, usually you have to hit the ball the 2 other people in you team so when they third person hits the ball they can do a spike.

The rules of the game is not to hit the net while keeping in touch with the ball, and you also can not carry the ball, carrying the ball is when who hit the ball with your palms and the reefs will call it a carry. There will be 2 reefers on each side of the court. There will be yellow lines on the outside marking the zone, if you step over the line you are out and it is the other teams ball.  At the bottom of the net you’ll see a red line and the red line is another line the marks it’s area and if your foot goes over that line it is out

Volleyball is one of my favourite sports that I like to play even though I’m struggling to play. I suggest volleyball would be a great time to play with families and friends at the beach or park in summer time. There are many different
types of volleyball but one of them I like is beach volleyball.

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