Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Raeleen Pig hunt : reading

Pig Hunt by Ian Trafford

WALT: Identify the scientific elements involved in the text.

Where is Glenn taking his son?
Glenn is taking his son to the pig hunting with the rest of his whanau .

How do you think the young boy would be feeling about this excursion? (find evidence from the text)
Glenn son is excited because when the son let the dogs loose Tahi , Chuck , and Rocky the dogs made the son even more excited .

What do they put on Tahi?
Tremaine puts the tracker collar on Tahi because the tracker collar sends out the radio signal , But if they lose the dogs in the bush , they can track them down and find them .
For what reason do you think they put the tracker on Tahi?
So if the dogs run away and hunt for pigs and they get lost that they do not know where they are the humans can track the dog down and get him .

What part do the radio and aerial have in the Pig Hunting process?
We can track them with the radio and the aerial that  Tremaine carries in his red bag .

Why are the initially doubtful that there are any pigs?
Plough means that when other pigs look for food with their eyes and they can use their noses to track down food without using an aerial or an radio .
Find the word ‘plough’ in the text, what does it mean? Put the word ‘plough; into a sentence of your own.
Because well the dogs were looking for food they plough and sniffed on the ground and dug up the mud looking for food underground.

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