Thursday, May 29, 2014

Raeleen Badminton Writing

For the past four weeks class 3 has been attending Badminton for kiwi sport. If you don't know what badminton is you should continue reading. Badminton is a familiar sport to Tennis but with a small racket, a shuttle instead of a tennis ball, tall nets and diffrent rules. This writing is going to explain what we have experienced in badminton.

On our first day at Badminton we saw our instructor Robbie. When we sat down Robbie told us a few facts about the rules and how we hold the racket. But before we got to touch the racket we played stuck in the mud and tag for our warm up. After our warm up we each got given a racket and Robbie showed us how to hold the racket, one of the examples of holding a racket Forehand and back hand. Firstly we got got to pick a partner to practice with so I picked Henry and what we had to do when got given the racket is to practice on hitting the shuttle. After half an hour of practicing it was time for our kiwi sport to end for the week.

After another week of waiting it was time for our second session with Robbie but this time instead of practicing to hit the shuttle we had to learn how to serve. As usual we played stuck in the mud for our warm up. I was finding serving was difficult for me but as I kept on practicing it felt easy like microwaving big popcorn for movie time. Serving is one of the most important part in Badminton because it is a basic shot in the game. After that we finally got to play a game so we can get use to it instead of being bored of practicing 1 thing every week. When me and Henry got up we were playing mad like it was a actual tournament and it was really fun.

As another week just passing by it was time for our 3rd training. Instead of practicing how to hold the racket or serving we made a game out of it and we called Around the world.  The rules are when Robbie serves it you have to run up and hit the shuttle, then you run around the hall and after everyone has had a turn we wait to reveal the winners. In 1st place was Auri and in 2nd place was Mua.

Sadly a week went by as we did our last session with Robbie. When we arrived we did a warm up. Finally we did a small tournament and you had to pick a partner and I pick Alanah. I was so excited that I didn't want to stop. After a few rounds me and Alanah won 6 games in a row. I was pretty happy because that was the highest I ever got. Lastly it was time to say bye to Robbie and we ended it with a behalf speech. I really enjoyed Badminton because the whole class enjoyed it.

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