Monday, May 26, 2014

Raeleen Echolocation Explanaiton

Echolocation is a form of communication, reeling on your ears and senses. Hunting for food and avoiding obstacles. . Bats, Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises and other manuals use echolocation because they have weak eyesight, in this way they use their ears to find them food and their way around dangerous obstacles. Bats are an example of an animal that uses echolocation to communicate.

Animals use echolocation basically relying on their ears, the only reason why is because they have poor eyesight. When a Bat is flying in the dark to find some food and they are flying towards a tree the sound waves goes to the object and bounces off the bat and the bats will find out that their is a tree up ahead. A bat is very clever because they use echolocation.  Did you know bats ears are bigger than its head because their ears are the reason why they are clever, if they have small ears the bats wouldn't be able to know if an object is near by.

When it comes to hunting bats would be able to know if it is an moving object or a still one. When their food is moving closer to the bat the sound waves are louder and closer, but when it is moving away from it the sound waves are closer and far apart.

Bats is really fun to study about because echolocation is not in a human body and I think echolocation would be good for people who can’t see with their eyes so they can use their sense to find them food and stuff. But even though it is confusing to use echolocation but it sound really awesome. Bats are unique, phenomenal and amazing.

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