Monday, May 19, 2014

Raeleen Sound Explanation Writing

For Inquiry this term we are learning about sound, well do we know how sound is created?.....  Sound is created by vibration that travels through the air by sound waves and sound is energy transferred by waves. . This explanation is going to explain sound. Sound is energy transferred by waves.

Sound initially starts from a metrical that vibrates. When the material vibrates the sound waves are created. But we can’t see the sound waves because it travels through the air. When you throw a stone into a pond it ripples, both ripples and sound starts in one spot and then travels out in all direction. Sound waves goes to your eardrum causing your brain to translate it like recognizing that voice or knowing that voice.

When a material is hit it pushes the surrounding air molecules into one another causing a ding kind of noise. When the material is hit sound waves are created. For example when you hit a drum it is louder because the air molecules move faster and the harder you hit the drum the closer the sound waves are.

The vibration goes to the outer ear then into the inner ear and transforms the sound waves, sound waves have signals and it goes to your brain. Like when your going out hunting and you find a wild animal and you try to make no noise and suddenly you step on a stick and the animal realises that something seems wrong and they run away, they know that something is near because the sound waves goes everywhere and apparently they heard the stick break so that gives them a signal to their brain recognizing that something is going to happen.

Our brain translates the sound that we hear without our brain we won’t know what that sound is, and we won't recognize that sound. Like when a cow moo’s you won't know because our brain is not translating it. As a matter of fact we really need our brain because we won't be able to understand anything.

When a friend of yours is talking to you, you reply back to her because you heard what she said and you know what she said. If she was telling you some maths question you know what she said because the sound waves goes to your eardrums, then to your brain and translating it.

We all have diffrent sounds like high pitch low pitch, loud or quiet and animals make their animal noises like moo, neigh and baaa.  If you touch your vocal cords and you talk loud it vibrates. When a boy talks his voice is light but when he turns into a man his voices becomes deep.

Why live in a world with silence instead of living in a world with noise. Without noise in the world nothing would be invented, no one will communicate with others and we won't be able to keep close connection with friends or family. Without sound life is boring but with sound life has been so much better.

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