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Raeleen The call of the conch

REMEMBERING - What are the facts
1. Make a list of the events where the conch shell is blown.
2. Why did Iakina bury the conch shell in the sand?

        Where the conch shell is blown:
* At a arrival of important guests at ceremonies.
* It is used at the beginning of a sport events, weddings, fiafia or other special occasions and evening prayer time.
* Bringing chiefs together, orators and villagers united in the same spirit.

         Why did lakina bury the conch shell in the sand?
* He buried it in the sand so the ants and other insects can remove any traces of rotten flesh.

UNDERSTANDING - Show that you understand the information
3. Choose 5 words from the article that are new, difficult or interesting to you.
Write down a dictionary definition for each word and then use each word in a sentence to
show you understand the meaning.
1. Craggy coral - A rough shell
Iakina found a rough shell washed up on the reef. A conch shell is slightly like a craggy because it is hard.
2. Microbes - Germs
Iakina puts the conch shell in the sand because he doesn't want to be sick or have any diseases or germs.
3. Souvenir Shops - A shop that sells items to visitor to remember then about the country they visited.
A souvenir shop sells memorable things for visitors. Like when you visit Australia you would go to a souvenir shop to make you remember about Australia.
4. Ecosystem - Nature and living plants
A Ecosystem is nature and living plants, it makes trees make nice vase lands and outbacks.
5. Awareness campaigns - Private property
A private property means the no one can enter because it is private or the owner of the land doesn't want other people to enter. Some forest are private because they have dangerous animals and some people can die from private property.

APPLYING - Using what you read in the article

Design a poster for tourists to Samoa describing the use of the conch shell and what it means.
A poster should have an eye catching title, information in bullet points, and illu cvstrations
ANALYSING - Organising information from the article

Make a FLOW CHART titled The Call of the Conch to show the steps in making a conch.
This is a good activity to help you sort through and remember the information in an article.
CREATING - Coming up with new ideas

Design some other uses for conch shells both in the Pacific islands and here in New Zealand.
Use drawings and labels to explain your interesting ideas.
Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.41.52 am.png

EVALUATING - Seeing both sides

“People should be allowed to use the conch shells for other things”
Make a chart and list your reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with this statement.

I agree with this statement because……..
A conch shell is well used for special equation and I think if a conch shell is not used their might be problem because heaps of people expect a conch welcoming. A conch is really memorable because some people haven't used or touched a conch shell before and some other people might remember the school by hearing a conch shell blow.

I disagree with this statement because……..
I don’t disagree with it because it may not seem fair because they might pick a person who has a conch shell at their house and they should pick someone who hasn't so they can have the opportunity to blow a conch shell.

A well written article should use some sort of hook to grab the reader’s attention, it should be
written in an interesting way, it should be well organised so that the reader knows where the
article is going, and it should wrap-up what has been said at the end.

Do you think this article was well written? Yes
Was there a hook in the introduction? Hook : Rate 1-10 Yes and I rate it 8\10
Was the information written in an interesting way? Writing style : Rate 1-10 Yes rate it out of 9\10
Was the information well organised in clear sections? Organisation : Rate 1-10 Yes rate it out of 10\10
Was there an effective conclusion? Wrap-up : Rate 1-10
Yes because it tells the reader some facts about Iakina and it also tells the reader about the conch shell and how it is used.

Give a reason for each of your ratings.
I gave it an 8\10 , 9\10 and 10\10 because it was a really good book and it can inspire some people to go and look for some conch shell.

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